Your Business Playbook....the rules may be the same, but how you get there, may be as unique as you.

Procedure Manual


A comprehensive tool that details every aspect of how you want work to be done.  It is used when more information is needed to explain a rule or when a deeper understanding of a process or procedure is needed.

Why a Procedure Manual?

A Procedure manual is an important document for businesses of any size. 

The procedure manual is the “how to” guide providing uniformity and          

 consistency in dealing with the daily tasks of operating a business. Content

depends on the type of procedure manual being designed.                            

  • Operations are standardized
  • Decisions are easier to make
  • Offers quality control
  • Provides accountability

In drafting a customized Procedure Manual, your consultant will:

  • Meet with you and help identify the purpose of the procedure manual;
  • Work together to collect information required to write the procedure manual, including legal, safety and other issues pertaining to your industry;
  • Create a custom draft of the procedure manual for your review and input and make any changes;
  • Review the draft procedure manual with the people it effects and others involved in implementation;
  • Put the manual to trial use to identify any weak areas, need for improvement, and gaps;
  • Rewrite the procedure manual based upon trial use and notes made;
  • Finalize and publish either in print or electronic format;
  • Meet with your employees to roll out the new procedure manual and answer questions;
  • Update your procedure manual annually to reflect any operational or procedure changes.

No company is too small or too large for a procedure manual. 

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