Customized Employee Handbook to Fit Your Company

Employee Handbook & Code of Conduct


Strategic employee handbook development can be one of the best defenses against employment-related complaints or lawsuits. A good handbook needs to accurately reflect your company’s policies and practices.


An employee handbook has relevance to every employee regardless of position, title, or job duties.


Employee handbooks are very useful in managing all staff expectations and behavior and a primary source of documentation that your company is in compliance with all federal, state, and local employment laws.                   


Besides delivering a clear message to your employees regarding work habits and expectations, your employee handbook also serves to limit your legal liability as it sets forth standard practices for all to follow; helping to protect the company against discrimination and unfair treatment claims.                

The handbook is an administrative time saver - answering questions that arise during the normal employment relationship and orienting new staff consistently.                                                                                                              


In drafting a customized handbook, your consultant will: 

  • Meet with you and help develop appropriate policies for your company;
  • Research any special requirements for your industry or location (all 50 states);
  • Create a custom draft of the handbook for your review and input;
  • Finalize and publish either in print or electronic format;
  • Meet with your employees to roll out the new handbook and answer questions;
  • Update your employee handbook annually to reflect employment law developments and operational changes.

No company is too small or too large for an employee handbook. 

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